Nathan Oldridge: Coder, Teacher, Chemist

Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Developer

Skillset and Evidence:

Python 1. Created a Discord Bot (Github)
2. Made script to backtest opening range breakouts on $SPY (Github)
SQL Project for Udacity (Github link)
Tableau Dashboard for Udacity (Tableau Public Link)
Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets Used =GOOGLEFINANCE() and Pivot Tables to find stocks with "inside day" and "outside day" (Blog Post)



I am ChemistNate on YouTube (link) and MrOldridge (link) as well

Previously: High School Teacher

For 6 years (2010-2012 and 2018-2022), I taught high-school chemistry, math and computer science at Toronto Prep School. I spent the six years in between tutoring students one-on-one around the city of Toronto. See a summary of my teaching career here.. Teaching students Data Management and Python inspired me to pursue more software-oriented projects and roles.

Previously: Chemist

Before that, I earned an Honours B.Sc. and then M.Sc. in chemistry. See a summary of my chemistry career here.