What I Learned from W1NNING

Kobe Bryant was NOT the most physically talented basketball player Tim Grover had worked with. Neither was Michael Jordan.

So what made those two hall-of-famers and household names?

The way Tim Grover tells it:

  • A willingness to go ALL-IN on one thing
  • An obsession with getting incrementally better

Tim talks about breaking down film frame-by-frame with Kobe Bryant, figuring out how to prevent X mistake from ever happening again.

He talks about having Michael Jordan do bicep curls, not because they'd make him a better player, but because it might make his opponents more intimidated.

This can be applied to all endeavours by all people, even if you don't play basketball.

Are you recapping your "losing" moments of every day, to learn what NOT to do tomorrow?

Are you prioritizing things that DON'T feed your #1 priority? You are allowed to rest, but you should conciously choose it.

Here's how this applied to daytrading stocks:

  • Review ALL trades. Especially the losing ones. Traders are allowed to have losing trades, but
    • What was the reason you wanted to get INTO the trade?
    • Was the signal you based your trade on actually there?